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As you all know I don’t just teach classes and “fix” people injuries, but I constantly strive to educate myself, my clients, friends and family.
Knowledge is power, and power gives you the opportunity to make a change.  If there was a better way of doing something, wouldn’t you like to know about it and take advantage of it?
Empowering people with knowledge to create a better themselves is important to me.

I’ll be sending out quizzes, to see who is really paying attention to things I say in sessions, classes or on my YouTube videos. Click link to subscribe to YouTube Chanel.
Will be announcing and rewarding the winner next week.

Answer the questions below and the correct answers will be entered to a raffle.  Winner can choose a complimentary yoga class or a 15 minute consultation over the phone, online or over coffee.  ( Coffee is on me).
Good luck!

What is the #1 common cause of the next 5 symptoms?

1, Increased weight gain or difficulty loosing weight.
2, Constant fatigue and mental foginess.
3, Decreased pain tolerance and increased pain sensitivity.
4, Waking up with a dry mouth.
5, Increased muscle tightness, increased risk of injury, or recurring injuries.


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