Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention

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No injury can be successfully rehabilitated without complete sensory re-education .

Injuries and recurring injuries happen because there is an imbalance, a misuse, a disuse or a compensation in our postural or movement patterns. Often times we just ignore pain and discomfort for too long. At other times we are at the wrong place, at the wrong time, or just push through a hard workout without listening to our bodies.

Most rehabilitation systems are based on a bio-mechanical approach that puts the injured body part in further danger. Sometimes these approaches have a good outcome, for a short time, but the injury will creep back on.

Our philosophy at NeuroCentric Health and Fitness (NCHF) is not only to treat the symptoms but also to find the real “culprit” – in order to successfully rehabilitate and minimize the risk of recurring injuries.

Training our senses like we train our muscles is a fundamental requirement for a complete recovery. Our goal at NCHF is to provide a motivated client with cutting edge drills and exercises, (based on the latest scientific researches), to maximize the brain and body potential, to create efficient movement and prevent any further bodily damage.