Chronic Pain

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GREAT NEWS!  According to the latest research, pain is not necessarily an indication that there is tissue damage, or there is an injury.

Pain is an action signal, a request to change our behaviors: our posture, our movement, our breathing and/or our diet. Pain is a combination of sensory information reaching the brain, and the ability of the brain to read, interpret and act on those signals. The brain needs this to PREDICT what is happening around us, and how to keep us SAFE and ALIVE in our ever-changing environment.

How we perceive and deal with the pain sensation depends on several factors:

  • Our previous experience with pain sensation
  • Our cultural experiences and beliefs’ systems
  • Our mental and emotional status

At NCHF we use the following methods to help you to ‘TAME YOUR PAIN’ and avoid recurring injuries:

  • Education about what pain really is
  • Assisted movement and mobility work
  • Visual ability drills and movement integration training
  • Therapeutic movement exercises and yoga practices
  • Sensory re-education and sensory integration drills
  • Kinesio taping
  • Breath re-education training
  • Cognitive drills and exercises