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Breathing is like everything else we do. It is a skill.  Skills can be learned and unlearned, they can become good or bad habits, depending on how we practice them.

Our modern lifestyle has a significant effect on the way we breathe. We move less, sedentary jobs (I find myself sitting at my desk for hours and hours every day working on blogs, social media, etc…) that effects posture, that will change breathing patterns.  We eat more, we consume processed food, and we don’t spend enough time outside.  We have our mouth open a lot.  Think about it.  Every time we say something we take a breath through the mouth. Every time we sigh, we usually take a huge gasp of air through the mouth.  Every time we eat, with each bite there is air going in through the mouth, and when we speak while we eat, that’s more air in through the mouth. When we yawn, when we cough, etc…
Then we exercise to get healthy  and yet, while exerting ourselves, we breathe through the mouth.
I dare you to observe your self today, tomorrow, pay close attention and notice how many times you catch yourself taking a breath through the mouth.  Over- breathing has a profound effect on our general health, it contributes to a host of health issues that we don’t realize, unless someone explains it how those things could be connected.  A couple of blogs ago, I asked you to figure out your Control Pause (CP) number, and promised to explain what your number means regarding to your overall health.  CP is a measure of breathing volume.   We want low breathing volume and long CP. The longer your CP is the better oxygenated your body will be.  Remember, when you take your CP, it’s necessary that you measure your true holding time and not a forced time.  It’s not a competition, it’s data collection. Didn’t read my previous blog on how to measure CP?  Click here to watch video, measure, then come back and see what it means.

kHow did you do?

 If your CP is less than 10 sec, we need to talk.  Your relative breathing volume is too high. You might find yourself having trouble sleeping and being breathless while walking.  Headaches, migraines, lethargy and difficulty concentrating could show up daily.  Slow metabolism, irritability, decreased pain tolerance is often present.  
If your CP is between 10-20 sec, your breathing volume is still large. Tiredness, headaches, susceptible catching colds and chest infections and you might snore. Exercised induced asthma could be a recurring symptom. 
If your CP is between 20-40 sec, you will find that your general breathing is clam, effortless, controlled.  You don’t get out of breath, catching colds doesn’t happen often, metabolism is active, sleep better, wake up rested, and pain tolerance is higher.
If your CP is above 40 sec, you will feel energetic and clear headed all the time.Dr Buteyko says that to achieve  permanent physiological changes it is necessary to attain a morning CP of 40 for 6 months. Meaning, checking the CP after weaking up, before any activity.  Well, that’s too much work, right?  Indeed, it is.  What’s the alternative? What else we got when we don’t have our health? 

One of the most common comment is that someone cannot breath through the nose because they feel stuffy, have allergies, have a cold, etc…
Well, before you reach for your inhaler, or steroids (temporary solutions),  watch the video of this simple method of unblocking the nose.  Try it a few times and let me know how it went.  There is so much more about the breath, and I’ll keep posting more information.Video link:
Studying, researching and practicing nasal breathing helps me tremendously to have enough energy to handle 16-18 hours workdays 7 days a week.
I cannot afford not to  think clearly, not to stay healthy, not to be not focused, and not to be kind.
Nasal breathing is my savior, it helps my brain and my body to reset, recover and rejuvenate.
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