Marathon Runner’s injury rehabilitation using vision work.

I have known and worked with Ildi for years and can clearly state that she has exceptional skills in every aspect of health and fitness coaching –  from extensive biomechanically and neurologically – based exercise protocols to high level nutritional coaching based on behavioral change and counseling techniques.  In addition, and perhaps most importantly, Ildi has an amazing capacity to connect with a diverse population of clients and helping them achieve personal breakthroughs.  More importantly, Ildi does not simply excel in her academic knowledge, but has years of both personal and professional experience in rebuilding minds and bodies.  If you have the chance to work with her – take it – it will be one of the best decisions you can make!

– W. Eric Cobb, DC
Founder, Z-Health Performance Solutions LLC

After having both knees replaced, Ildi immediately got me on the road to recovery.  She helped me with my range of motion, muscle development and importantly, pain management by using a wide array of therapies: kinesiotaping on my knees helped with pain and swelling, Z-Health exercises facilitated regaining my balance, improving my gait and strengthening my legs, various yoga poses assisted in stretching and relaxing. Ildi listens to your body, each session is unique to how your body is working. Both my PT and MD ranked me in the top percentile of joint replacement patients!

– Donna M | Boston MA

Ildi is the consummate professional, providing expert and unique health and wellness services to her clients. I have worked with ildi for more than five years. She has helped me gain physical strength and mental fortitude while ensuring I stay healthy and balanced. I have benefited from Ildi’s concentration on the brain/body connection – her deep knowledge and fascinating with neuroscience and its impact on the body’s responses is infectious. Her hand/eye/brain coordination exercises have helped to improve my tennis game as well as my overall balance and sense of confidence. Ildi functions as a professional; provides tremendous value for the time spent and tailors her program to specific interests and needs while injecting new and useful techniques and exercises.  I have increased physical strength and core benefit while being challenged by each and every unique workout she designs for our time together.

– Heidi P | Boston MA

I have known Ildi for 4 years. She is a successful business person who holds multiple degrees, in a wide range of disciplines that deal with issues relating to health. She has built her practice by developing a loyal following of people that she helps. Sometimes she continuously helps people with chronic issues, and other times she is helping people overcome short-term issues. I was a beneficiary of her teaching ability about a year ago when I developed a painful shoulder injury that made sleeping difficult. Ildi showed me a series of exercises that enabled me to work through my injury. Today, I am pain-free! If anyone needs more information, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

– J Calkins | Boston MA