Losing Balance, Fear of Falling

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A profound aspect of our well being is based on having a well functioning sense of balance.

Our balance system gives us our sense of orientation in space.  It tells us when we are upright, and how gravity is affecting our bodies by detecting motion in space.  It uses three systems to do this, visual (eyes), vestibular (inner ears), and proprioceptive ( the ability to sense body positioning) systems.  We need to keep these three systems sharp, fast and well functioning.  If any of these systems is damaged or the communication between these systems is compromised, we have trouble maintaining our equilibrium and falling becomes a greater risk.

The faster and more accurately we can react to our ever changing environment, the better chance we have to avoid fall related injuries. Balance is not how well we can stand on one leg or on a Bosu in the gym.  Balance is how fast and how well we can recover when we loose our equilibrium in daily life.